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Who We Are

We are INSERGENCY, an eSports organization, which has been founded in beginning of 2017. Our focus is pointed on the following games: Counter-Strike, Super Smash Bros, Pokken and FIFA 18. It’s our purpose to help players and teams to establish themselves in the eSports community and also to improve their skills. We support the players in different ways to reach the purpose. Of course, we want to keep the players in future, on their reached high level. This means concrete, we support our players financially to pay costs for events or tournaments, offer them training possibilities and more. Besides this, we want to build up a community which shows big interests in eSports as we. We have founded this organization, because we have followed the eSports community a long time ago and also want to be apart of it. With the founding of INSERGENCY, it has become real. And for the future, we have a lot of new plans to realize.

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E-Mail: contact@insergency.com

You can contact us also via our social media pages.
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Besides we can have conversations on our TeamSpeak- and Discord-Servers.